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Welcome to Solidus Technical Solutions

Solidus provides members of its staff to help clients create some of the world's most advanced systems and software.

We are not a job shop or placement agency. We offer full-time employment, job security, benefits and paid holidays, and encourage our staff to enjoy time off with family and friends.

Our programmers and systems engineers are a select group of mature contributors, hand-picked for their premier technical and team skills. They join our team (and yours) for the long haul. As one satisfied client said, "They’re a pleasure to have around, and they do the job right."

That's why clients invite us back, project after project. Solidus people typically support the same client for years, believe it or not, instead of weeks or months.

Why? Because at Solidus we take remarkable care of our employees so they'll take remarkable care of your business.

SOLIDUS Technical Solutions

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