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Solidus is a small, women owned business that is a very unusual player in the industry. Our software and system engineers help clients create some of the world’s most advanced systems and software.

We are not a job shop or placement agency.

Solidus is a full-time employer, providing a competitive complement of benefits and paid time off. Our people are a select group of seasoned contributors, hand-picked for their premiere technical and team skills.

Being a seasoned contributor isn’t about one’s years of experience. It is about an individual’s commitment to consistently exceeding performance requirements.

The result? Clients invite us back, project after project. Solidus people average a remarkable 8.5 years per client, believe it or not, instead of weeks or months. This means people join our team (and our client’s) for the long haul—and get the job done right.

Is Solidus right for you?

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SOLIDUS Technical Solutions

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