Why Our Showroom?

When buying a granite countertop, one is usually purchasing a product that will outlive the kitchen that it is in. It is an important investment. We believe that the customer should be in the best possible position to evaluate and select the material that the countertop will be made of.


Material Quality

A very important point when selecting a supplier of granite countertops is the quality of the material.  For instance, just because two companies sell “Madura Gold” granite does not mean that they are selling the same quality product. All granite quarries around the world produce first choice (or “A” grade) material and second choice, commercial (or “B” grade) material.  Needless to say “A” grade material is more expensive and in higher demand than “B” grade.

Here is an example (Madura Gold) - Click image to zoom in

showroom_sampleA showroom_sampleB

Merrimack Stone Industries imports stone presently quarried in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, India, China, Norway, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran, South Africa, Madagascar, Canada, and the USA. In all cases we have contacts who personally inspect the stone before it is shipped to Merrimack. The end result is that only “A” grade materials are available to our customers.


A Unique Environment

We believe that having top quality materials available to be viewed in full slabs is necessary but not sufficient.

Slab selection should be a pleasant, pressure-free experience in a comfortable setting. This is precisely what we have gone to great lengths to provide in our showroom. Our slabs are stored indoors neatly organized by color and labeled. Each slab is individually lit by halogen lamps that replicate the warm look of a kitchen environment.

For customers who have little ones, we have a playroom area with a TV and DVD player. Parents can bring their young children, who can watch their favorite movie or play while the parents wander around the showroom.

A conference room is available to customers who need to review large drawings or need privacy while reviewing their project details.


Viewing Full Slabs

Viewing full slabs is not only important when selecting a granite countertop – IT IS ESSENTIAL!

Granite is a natural product, not an industrial, man-made one.  Whereas some granite slabs vary minimally from lot to lot, the vast majority have substantial variations, sometimes even within the same lot.  In all cases it is wise to look at full size slabs before making the final selection

Consider the following example: madura

These four samples measure 4” x 4”, a typical sample size that is found at many showrooms. One probably has a very different opinion about these four seemingly very different stones. However, these four pieces are taken from the same slab!!!