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Founded in 1979, Labsphere is a recognized leader in diffuse reflectance technologies. The company is acknowledged as the worlds' foremost leader in providing diffuse reflectance materials, coatings, and reflectance standards. Labsphere specializes in the design and manufacture of integrating sphere systems and instruments for a variety of optical test and measurement applications, including lamp flux measurement, LED measurement, reflectance and transmittance measurement, and radiance and irradiance applications.

Labsphere is organized into three divisions, all of which have grown from our experience and expertise in reflectance technology. Our Reflectance Coatings and Materials Division sets the pace in reflectance technology through continuous product improvement and development of new diffuse reflectance materials, coatings, and reflectance standards; our Sphere Component and Systems Division applies its expertise to the design and manufacture of integrating sphere based products for a variety of optical radiation measurement and testing applications; our Instrumentation Division designs and manufactures state-of-the art instruments and reflectance spectroscopy accessories for simple, direct measurements of the optical properties or chemical composition of materials.

Labsphere is headquartered in North Sutton, New Hampshire and has 3 international direct sales offices and 22 agent sales representatives worldwide. Our 80,000 square foot facility located in New Hampshire is devoted to research and development, manufacturing, sales, customer support, and administration.

In 1996, Labsphere achieved ISO-9001 Certification. Our mission is to offer customers superior quality products at competitive prices, while providing a level of service that is second to none. Our quality policy is simple and straightforward:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Innovative Design
  • Quality Manufacturing

LS, Inc. recognizes "Year 2000" readiness as an important requirement for our customers, and as such, it is being addressed throughout the company. Labsphere has established a Year 2000 Readiness Program that includes product, internal systems, and supply chain assessment. All products manufactured by Labsphere are Year 2000 ready. We have also identified each in-house system or application which might require year 2000 attention. To date, all in-house systems and applications have been identified as year 2000 ready. All third party software and applications have been either identified as year 2000 ready, or have been replaced by those that are compliant.

We are working closely with our established vendors to ensure that they are actively seeking year 2000 compliance. We do so as a means to assure that our valued customers will not experience any delays in the delivery of Labsphere products.

This statement does not constitute a Warranty, and does not extend or modify the terms and conditions of any license, maintenance, or other contractual agreement between LS and any user of Labsphere products.

Questions and concerns should be e-mailed to: Year 2000 Coordinator.


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