Dental Applications of Advanced Lasers (DAAL™)

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Dental Applications of Advanced Lasers™ (DAAL™) is an annually updated print report that helps laser dentists keep track of the latest developments in dental laser products and applications. A searchable PDF version of DAAL is available on CD-ROM.

This web site is the home of DAAL™ Update on-line newsletter, which is updated frequently throughout the year to provide the latest news and information on dental laser products and clinical procedures.


The contents of DAAL and this website are intended for informational and educational purposes only. JGM Associates, Inc. does not endorse or recommend specific companies, products, or uses of products. In all cases, physicians or surgeons who use lasers should complete an accredited training course, approved by the manufacturer, before attempting to use a specific laser product or related accessory. The reader should note that not all laser products have FDA clearances or approvals for the same clinical uses.

While JGM Associates believes the data provided herein to be accurate, no expressed or implied guarantees regarding accuracy or adequacy are made. Errors pointed out to JGM Associates will be corrected.

JGM Associates, Inc. reserves all rights to this copyrighted information. This information may not be reproduced in part or in whole without written consent of a duly authorized officer of JGM Associates.

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