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News Releases

The following news releases have been issued since July 17, 1996. Please note that news releases are posted to this site within 24 hours of release.

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November 11, 1998
Third Quarter Results Reported
November 10, 1998
OP-1 is Effective 3 Days after Stroke in Preclinical Studies
October 16, 1998
Company Sells OP-1 Manufacturing to Stryker
October 6, 1998
Company and the University of Colorado School of Medicine Receive Grant from NIH for Parkinson's Research
October 5, 1998
Company Modifies its Renal Disease Partnership with Biogen
September 22, 1998
Company and The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Partner to Develop New Treatments for Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
August 20, 1998
Company and Stryker Respond to Hart-Scott-Rodino Filing Disclosure
August 10, 1998
Second Quarter Results Reported
June 30, 1998
Creative BioMolecules and Stryker Update Modular PMA Status of OP-1 Bone Graft Device
May 29, 1998
Company Raises $25 Million to Enhance Product Pipeline
May 14, 1998
First Quarter Results Reported
March 23, 1998
OP-1 Clinical Trial Data Presented at American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
March 11, 1998
1997 Year End Results Reported



November 14, 1997
Carl M. Cohen, PhD, Appointed to a New Position of Vice President, Research
November 7, 1997
Third Quarter Results Reported
OP-1 Protects Against Damage Caused by Kidney Failure
October 30, 1997
OP-1 Is Involved in the Development and Function of Neurons
October 28, 1997
OP-1 Enhances Recovery from Stroke in Preclinical Models
August 8, 1997
Second Quarter Results Reported
July 28, 1997
OP-1 Role in Neurological Development Reported in Studies Published in Cell
July 16, 1997
Research Shows That OP-1 May Play an Important Role in the Treatment of Stroke
July 9, 1997
Five New Members Appointed to Management Team
May 14, 1997
First Quarter Result Reported
March 11, 1997
Suzanne Denbo Jaffe Appointed to Board of Directors
February 27, 1997
New Members Appointed to Management Team
February 26, 1997
1996 Year End Results Reported
February 13, 1997
Preliminary Data on OP-1 Device Reported at American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
January 8, 1997
Company Presents at 15th Annual Hambrecht & Quist Healthcare Conference
January 6, 1997
Company Closes Biogen Renal Deal; Receives $28 Million Payment

December 10, 1996
Company Closes Renal Deal with Biogen, Inc. and Receives $28 Million Payment
November 14, 1996
Company Announces Dental Agreement with Stryker
November 12, 1996
Third Quarter Results Reported
November 4, 1996
OP-1 Protects Against Kidney Damage in Models of Acute and Chronic Renal Failure
August 20, 1996
OP-1 is Critical Signaling Molecule in Kidney Development, Reports Proceedings of the National
Academy of Sciences
August 15, 1996
Second Quarter Results Reported
July 17, 1996
Company Announces Cross-License Agreement with Stryker and Genetics Institute


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