Richard H. Belanger, CPA acts as other certified public accountants, acting as tax preparation preparers. Also acts as a Quickbooks Pro Advisor.
Certification includes accounting bookkeeping, bookkeeping service, buy quickbooks, outsource bookkeeping, tax return preparation, income tax preparation.


Management Advisory Services
Business growth does not always equal success. Success comes with planning that develops information systems, evaluates and forecasts, improves profitability, and improves organizational responsiveness. Our management advisory services help you do just that.

We have played a vital role in helping countless businesses increase productivity and efficiency, as well as get the most out of their resources.

As your Certified Public Accountants, we get to know your organization, operations, and finances; your personnel and tax situations; and your data processing and management information system needs. Using this as a base, we help you put your business on the steady track to success.

Our services in this area also include:
Projections and Forecasts
Project Feasibility Forecasting