Richard H. Belanger, CPA acts as other certified public accountants, acting as tax preparation preparers. Also acts as a Quickbooks Pro Advisor.
Certification includes accounting bookkeeping, bookkeeping service, buy quickbooks, outsource bookkeeping, tax return preparation, income tax preparation.

Individual Tax Preparation

Our tax specialists assist individuals in meeting their tax filing requirements each year.  Clients that engage us know that we search for all allowable deductions and exemptions.   We provide clients with a “Tax Organizer” , which assists the client in accumulating all the information and records necessary to prepare a complete and accurate tax return.  The “Tax Organizer” also includes a questionnaire which provides a checklist that will help ensure that the information necessary to complete the return accurately is obtained.

Returns are computerized for both speed and accuracy, and our internal system of processing returns assures timeliness and efficiency.   As part of the process, we strive to file substantially all tax returns electronically (E-file). This process, along with the opportunity for Direct Deposit of Refunds, substantially reduces the amount of time between the filing of the return and the receipt of a refund.


We Specialize In The Following Areas
Federal and State Tax Preparation
Individual Tax Planning
Estate and Gift Tax Planning
Taxing Authority Representation

Federal and State Tax Preparation includes the preparation of federal income tax returns, the preparation of interest and dividend returns for the state of New Hampshire and state income tax returns for the State of Massachusetts

E-file: Each return that we prepare that meets the qualifications, we will electronically file. 

Individual Tax Planning: Many events in life require tax planning.  We will meet with clients anytime throughout the year for tax planning purposes.

Estate and Gift Tax Planning: Family transfers of money and property after death of donor often times require Estate tax planning and preparation.  Charitable contributions of appreciated property to qualified charities can also require planning and preparation.

Taxing Authority Representation: We represent our clients for both federal and state tax issues.