Data Collection

SMS Turbo

Creative Information Systems - presents SMSTurbo®, the scale management software package with the versatility to adapt to the demands of a growing business in an ever-changing market. SMSTurbo® is a multi-tasking, integrated scale management software system compatible with the asphalt, cement, mining, feed, timber, shipping, gravel, and waste/recycling management industries.”


Loaded with features, the PDOX System provides truck scale users with all of the tools needed to quickly process truck weighing, process inbound/outbound truck transactions, capture essential transaction information and provide powerful reporting capabilities. While powerful, the PDOX System is designed for maximum ease of use, with intuitive screens and short-cut keys to speed up all operations and to reduce operator training time.

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Excelerator is a powerful, easy to use, and cost effective software solution designed to collect data from any Doran Scale and transfer it to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Whether it’s one Doran Scale connected to a PC, or up to 20 Doran Scales installed throughout your plant, the Excelerator can handle it all. Streaming data from the scale can be sent to the PC via a local RS232 or USB port, or across a wired or wireless Ethernet network. You can even harness the power of the Internet by remotely collecting data from scales on the other side of the world!
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Wedge-Plus  inventory control management Key Features
Graphic user interface for database management on GSE indicators.
Point & Click upload/download features.
Full integration of scale databases into PC applications
Windows® NT, ME, 2000, XP (or higher) required.
RS232, RS485, RF and Ethernet protocol.
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