Counting Scales

GSE 675

GSE Counting Scales Key Features
APW enhance Mode
Alphanumeric keypad
Standard 250 item memory
Database Modules can expand memory storage
Convenient carrying handles
Local scale capacities range from 6 lb to 100 lb.
Remote platforms (500 g up to 100,000 lb) for a total of 4 scales.
Barcode scanners and printer ports
Accuracy settings from 90% to 99.96%
LCD Graphic Display
Easily integrates with uPs Worldship®
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GSE 375

375 Counting Scales Key Features

Model 375 Parts Counting Scale and Model 370 Parts Counting Scale

Simple one button operation
Bright, LED display
One keystroke toggling
Convenient carrying handles
Communicate with printers, computers, and other peripheral devices
Counting accuracy
Wide range of capacities
Bar code scanning
Easily integrates with UPS Worldship®
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Avery Weigh-Tronix PC-820

Key Features

Programmable "soft keys"

Large memory storage
Clear multifunction display
Bar code scanning
Two communication ports
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Avery Weigh-Tronix PC-905

Key Features

Operator Friendly 6 button Keypad

Counting Resolution: 1:25,000, 1:50,000, 1:100,000
Large Backlit Display
Printer Ready
Wall mount Display Bracket
PC Interface
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DIGI® DC-100 Series

Digi Counting Scale

The DC-100 counting scale is ideal for stockroom inventory, receiving parts verification, and parts scanning applications. With an RS-232 port and keyboard input, the DC-100 compliments growing businesses. When multiple platforms are needed, easily connect two external scales with a Y-cable. For simple operation, the bright 2-line dot matrix LCD display clearly shows numeric measurements and text messaging for job sequencing.

User-friendly operator cards mount near the scale display and assist with increased productivity, accuracy, and flexibility. With 1 MB of memory, the DC-100 easily stores over 1,500 items. Utilize the internal battery with over 30 hours of continuous use when mobile counting is required. Offering an internal resolution of 1,000,000 counts and user-friendly features, the DC-100 is the answer for a variety of counting applications.

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DIGI® DC-788 Series

DC-788 Counting Scale

The DIGI DC-788 exceeds all expectations of a counting scale—at a price point that can’t be beat! With a capacity of up to 100 pounds, and a rechargeable battery that provides up to 24 hours of continuous usage, this durable counting scale offers tremendous power and virtually unlimited flexibility. Its bright red LCD display can be seen from any angle and is highlyvisible in low light areas.

If accuracy and ease-of-use are important, the DC-788 is a must-have. With its RS-232 interface, you can easily attach a scanner or printer for all your labeling applications. And only the DC-788 enables you to customize your output by allowing specific spec codes to be disabled. With the DC-788’s increased capacity and power, you can now do much more for a lot less.

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Pennsylvania Scale Co. 7500

PA  Counting Scale Key Features
Simplified operation and rugged cast construction make the 7500+ the choice for fast, accurate counting. Present sample sizes of 10-20-50-100 pieces and Auto Sample Update (tm) feature.
Designed for 20 year service life, not to be confused with lightweight disposable low resolution units
Buttons for ZERO, Sample Set/Advance, UNITS, and PRINT
Optional AC/DC power with heavy duty power cord, self contained, provides 24-30 hours use/charge
Standard RS-232 programmable output through DB9 connector
Single base counting and weighing only
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Pennsylvania Scale Co. 7600

7600 Counting Scale Key Features
Modern replacement for legendary 5400, 5400EXP, and 5600 series scales with consistent operation features to reduce confusion and training time yet added features:
Single button or 2-button operation
Auto sample-to-bulk counting with optional 2nd base
Keypad entry of sample sizes (plus 10-20-50-100 pieces), Tare Weight, Average Piece Weight (APW)
%-Error/%-Accuracy display
Optional 2nd Base Input for Sample-to-Bulk counting requirements
Standard extra features include Accumulator function, optional Bar Code Scanning and Printing, 20 digit numeric ID entry, and more.
Compatible with any Pennsylvania and most load cell platforms as the external 2nd base.
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Salter  Counting Scales Key Features

Accuracy - Within ±3 divisions at full load

Construction - Rugged ABS plastic base, stainless steel weight platter
Operator Keys - 0-9, Units, Zero, Enter, Tare, Accumulation, Clear, PCWT, Upper, Lower, On / Off, Auto Off
Power - AC adapter and rechargeable battery
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Salter B130 Key Features

Auto Zero Tracking

30,000 divisions
Large Stainless Steel Top
Power - Battery and AC operation
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