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Tell us what relationship you want between yourself and Sigma Systems? Pretty simple, huh? It's because our management has put in place several unique and very competitive working relationship options for you, Sigma, and the client. Relationship options include:

Candidates and Sub-Contractors

  • Sigma Contract Employee - You'll be a W2 employee on a project-to-project basis (with benefit options available). Payroll, non-compete and standard agreements must be completed.
  • Consultant - You'll have an individual corporation-to-corporation standard agreement with Sigma. Federal tax ID#, proof of general liability insurance and non-compete is required.
  • Sub-Contractor - You'll have a Business-to-Business partnership with previously screened and approved agencies. You must comply with standard Sigma agreements mentioned above.
  • Full Time Consultant - We hire full time consultants. You must successfully pass employment and technical interviews and past employment reference screenings. We are able to sponsor H1-B transfers or new visa applicants, and we will process green cards from the first day of employment.

Client Managers

  • Allow us to talk to you to determine if we make sense - be open and fair-minded.

  • Tell us how best to work with you. Tell us what you need - we'll take care of the rest.

  • Treat us like peers and partners - allow us to do what we do best.

  • Call us, email us or communicate via the Internet - but give us a shot to compete, win and grow your business.


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