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Why Sigma?

There's really only one difference between consulting companies - the people. Our team does whatever necessary to ensure that the complete process from initial phone screening all the way to your first paycheck is performed without error, or even a single hitch, the first time - every time.

So whether you are a highly experienced professional contractor or someone considering a move from a permanent position to the consulting field, please allow us the opportunity to introduce our services. Whether we work together or not, you must be careful about who you send your resume to. First, always ensure that your consulting service operates with good business practices. Sigma does. Does your current employer? Sigma understands what being a "professional contractor" means. We know you've paid your dues. You're carefully managing the selection of your projects, roles and the companies you work with. We realize that gaining additional skills, a commensurate salary and flexibility are all important factors in choosing among several available projects. That's why our marketing program is tailored to foster the client relationships that result in the leading-edge projects you expect from a distinct company like Sigma Systems.

Sigma knows how to put its special expertise to work in real-time, and without a hitch. You will enjoy our people, our methods and how we treat you. You'll come to realize, most importantly, that your career and business dealings with Sigma Systems always result in a win-win scenario.

Ask Yourself?

  • Has your company lived up to all the promises it made to you? Does it do its best to keep you working from project - to - project and involved in the job search process?
  • Does your company pay you full salary while you're between consulting projects?
  • Does your company provide good transportation and relocation assistance?
  • Do they provide excellent health and medical insurance at no cost to you or your family? Do they provide additional insurance like long-term disability and a $100,000/$200,000 life insurance policy?
  • Are you paid for all hours worked over 40, even while on salary?
  • Are advances available when you really need them, without questions?
  • Do they care about you?

What Is Your Role In This Process?

Creating software architecture to capture telemetry commands that monitor a heart pacemaker might be considered a difficult task, agreed? Working with your Sigma account team is not. If this is the type of results you're looking for from your consulting company, consider. Ask yourself these important questions.

  • Is your resume simple, well written and up to date?
  • Did you include a cover letter detailing your experience and future goals?
  • Has your communication with us about your skills and abilities been honest?
  • Is your communication with us about your roles and responsibilities at other projects complete?


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