Versatile Software Solutions, Inc.

790 Turnpike St. Ste 202
North Andover, MA. 01845


"Complete and Experienced Software Engineering"

VSS can staff either individual contributors or teams of qualified software engineers to tackle any challenge. Need VSS to augment your existing technical staff - great! Prefer to outsource the entire job to VSS - great! The point here is flexibility. Whatever your need VSS can provide a solution.

Software Development Process - Don't have one? We can bring a proven software development process to your team or we can adapt to your existing development process.

Software Development Environment - Don't have one? We can help you select the right CASE tools to get your team productive quickly.

Requirements - We can develop software requirements from customer-supplied inputs or interface meetings. We can also develop the system architecture.

Design - We can transition requirements into a complete design using state of the art software design tools. Trace design to requirements ensuring completeness. Review and maintain the design information to ensure integrity.

Coding - We have experience in numerous languages, data structures, platforms, operating systems, compilers, cross compilers and software development environments to create high quality, efficient, reusable software.

Testing - We have extensive knowledge in the use of various debuggers as well as rigorous test methodologies for ringing out bugs early.

Integration - We pride ourselves in the service we provide for integration of the software with internal and external systems. Special attention is paid to interfaces throughout development to minimize the risk during the integration phase.

Mentoring - We provide mentoring for your less experienced developers. When inserting VSS engineers into your team their experience is transitioning to your young engineers.

Our expertise at VSS can only enhance your current software development infrastructure. We are in the business of providing your company with the software engineering expertise to fill in any void that may exist in your software development effort. We are confident that VSS can provide you a Complete and Experienced Solution!

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