As project evaluator, Sun Associates coordinates the collection and analysis of various evaluation data. This data is used in the creation of periodic reports to the U.S. Department of Education and is also used to inform the project about any changes in project implementation that may need to be made along the way. Visit the project documents page to read project reports.

Online Surveys

During each year of the project, higher education faculty and preservice students were asked to complete online faculty and student surveys. In Year Three, participating IHE partners are asked to ensure that the majority of their education faculty and students will complete these online surveys between January and March of 2003. There are four types of online surveys made available through the project:

Focus Groups

Each year of the project, IHE partners helped the project evaluator to engage a small group of higher education faculty and preservice students to participate in focus groups. In Year Three, all participating IHEs will schedule two dates in the spring of 2003 when faculty and students can be meet with the project evaluator to conduct focus groups on campus. During these sessions, the evaluator will meet for one and a half hours with faculty (at least six faculty, not including the project liaison, who have been involved in the project) and another one and a half hours with students (at least eight students who you expect to complete their certification within six months of the focus group session).


Each year, the project evaluator engaged various participants in informal conversations on an as needed basis to clarify information about the project. In Year Three, the evaluator will conduct interviews with project liaisons at each partner site. Liaisons will schedule dates in the spring when they can be available for a phone interview (approximately 60 minutes) with the project evaluator.


Each year, the project evaluator reviews a variety of materials that have been used in the project.

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