Marcia was born on September 13, 1942. At age 25, Marcia married and subsequently had two daughters. She was a stay at home mother until her children began school and then she held various jobs in both the retail and accounting fields.

Marcia led an active and healthy lifestyle; she exercised regularly, never smoked, never took drugs, and had a very healthy diet.

Several weeks before her 58th birthday, Marcia coughed up several clots of blood. In August 2000, a series of MRI scans and other tests revealed that Marcia had Stage 4B metastatic lung cancer. Typically at this late stage where the cancer has metastasized to other areas of the body, chances for survival are very slim. It was then that we learned that lung cancer is not just a smokerís disease. In fact, recent research indicates that more non-smoking women in their 50's are afflicted with this disease than with breast cancer. On October 18, 2001, after fourteen months of treatment, which included an operation, chemotherapy and extensive radiation, Marcia succumbed to lung cancer.

The mission of The Marcia Lemkin Foundation is to provide funding for  lung cancer research, treatment and support programs, funding and publicity for early detection lung cancer screening for those at risk, and to make available the most current lung cancer research and news.

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