Are You a Consultant with a High Technology
Client Base in New England?

Leading Consultants for High Technology in New England and accompanying CD publishes its next edition for Fall, 2002, with a distribution of almost 3,000 personnel and technical managers in all high-technology companies in New England with greater than 50 employees. That's significant targeted visibility for any consultant.

What Do You Get By Listing With Us?

Will It Work?

Assume you are a manager who needs the services of a consultant, and a completely FREE directory shows up on your doorstep. You can easily search by skills in the Index. Or you can search the CD. You don't have to pay for the directory, and you don't have to pay an agency or finder's fee...wouldn't you use it?

Our unique directory provides a:

Real decision makers don't get to spend a lot of time online. The printed directory lets them search at their lunch, on the plane, at home, by the pool.

You Aren't an Employee...You're a Business!

As a consultant, you've probably wasted good money advertising your services in places that didn't work, mainly because the affordable places for consultants to advertise are affordable for a reason (newspapers with limited shelf life, and so forth).

But you know you need to find ways to get your name out there and present yourself as a reputable business. Now you can get affordable results. Our pricing for a full-page listing (click to see sample) in the Fall 2002 edition is only:

$149 if reserved by April 30, 2002
$169 if reserved by Jun 30, 2002 (last day before production)


Be serious about your business image.

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