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Technical Information

Spectralon high-reflectance gray scale standards are used to establish the linearity and accuracy of reflectance spectrophotometers and colorimeters. The standards are suitable for users who need a wide dynamic range of reflectance values that are abbreviated in range, but not in number of calibration steps. Industries such as clay and processed minerals, paper, and paints typically require such a range, which accurately reproduces the range of reflectance values exhibited by those products.
The standards are offered as a set of eight, with a range of reflectance values from 80% to 94%, in 2% reflectance factor steps. They are supplied with calibration data traceable to national laboratory standards in geometries of 8/hemispherical (specular included or excluded) or 0/45 geometries. Each standard is housed in a durable delrin holder with a protective cover.
Spectralon gray scale reflectance standards are highly lambertian over their effective spectral range (350 to 830 nm). The standards offer the consistent reflectance, thermal stability, and durability associated with all Labsphere Spectralon products.
  • Consistent Reflectance
  • Highly Diffuse
  • Thermally Stable
  • Durable

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View Typical Spectral Reflectance Factor for High-Reflectance Gray Scale Standards

Specifications and Ordering Information

Spectralon high-reflectance gray scale standards are available in sets of eight calibrated standards in either 1 inch or 2 inch diameter.
Part Number
Reflective Area (inches)
Description (Reflectance Values)
1.25 D
94%, 92%, 90%, 88%, 86%, 84%, 82%, 80%
2.00 D
94%, 92%, 90%, 88%, 86%, 84%, 82%, 80%


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