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Technical Information


  • Biomedical Industry Standards
  • Calibration of Colorimeters
  • Calibration of Spectrofluorometers
  • Paper Industry Standards for Reflectance of "Bright white" Paper Products
  • Pharmaceutical/Cosmetics Industry Standards
  • Textile Industry Standard

Spectralon fluorescence standards aid in the development of optically brightened materials such as paper and textiles and are widely used in the cosmetic industry. Unlike disposable paper fluorescence standards, Labsphere fluorescence standards provide highly stable, reproducible fluorescence reflectance over a long period of time in varying conditions.

Spectralon provides the ideal matrix for inorganic fluors which are photolytically stable compared to their organic counterparts. The stability of inorganic fluors, when combined with the durability of Spectralon, results in rugged, long-lasting fluorescence standards for both field and laboratory use.

Labsphere welcomes inquiries for the development of custom fluorescence standards. For more information contact our Technical Sales Department.

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Specifications and Ordering Information

Fluorescence standards are sold individually, in sets of three identical fluors, or as a set of five fluors described. Flourescence standards are uncalibrated. Each standard is housed in a durable delrin holder with a protective cover.

Individual Standards

Part No.
Maxima (nm)
Maxima (nm)
USFS-200-010, 020
Blue/white fluor
334 at 60 nm
half-height bandwidth
USFS-205-010, 020
Blue fluor
325 at 53 nm
half-height bandwidth
USFS-210-010, 020
Green fluor
328 at 55 nm
half-height bandwidth
358 at 64 nm
half-height bandwidth
USFS-336-010, 020
Orange fluor
387 at 70 nm
half-height bandwidth
332 at 48 nm
half-height bandwidth
USFS-461-010, 020
Blue/white fluor
241, 307, 328 at 60 nm
half-height bandwidth

Standard Sets

Please designate UFSS-XXX-010, 020 to indicate a set of three identical fluorescence standards.

Please designate UFSS-500-010, 020 to indicate a set of the five fluors listed.


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