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Technical Information

OEM and custom Spectralon reflectance standards are available with spectral reflectance properties tailored to meet individual needs. Typically, the spectral reflectance properties of customer-provided sample are matched. The specifications for a match may be expressed directly in terms of some function or spectral reflectance. Functions may be conventions, such as a colorimetric function defined by the CIE, or may be specific to individual applications. The Reflectance Research Laboratory at Labsphere will provide assistance in the development of custom reflectance standards. The laboratory presently has over twenty-five spectrometers equipped to measure diffuse and specular reflectance from the UV through the MIR.

Spectral Specifications

Reflectance can be matched at specific wavelengths or over specified spectral bands to within +/- 1%.

Colorimetric Specifications

Tristimulus values are matched to within less than one unit. Other colorimetric quantities, such as chromaticity and CIELAB units, can be matched to within Standard Illuminants A, D65, C and many custom illuminants are available. Unique or unusual observer functions as well as the standard CIE 1931 and CIE 1964 Standard Observers can be matched. 

Chemometric Algorithms

Labsphere can meet most specifications including those expressed in terms of complex chemometric algorithms.  

Typical OEM and Custom Standard Development Process

Labsphere welcomes inquiries for the development of OEM and custom reflectance standards. For more information contact our Technical Sales Department. The typical development process is a collaboration between the customer and Labsphere's reflectance research staff. The process is as follows:

  • Customer sends samples or data and performance requirements.
  • Labsphere generates "hypothetical spectra" representing a best fit to the customer's specifications.
  • The customer and Labsphere agree on final specifications.
  • Labsphere begins production upon approval or final specifications.  


  • Chemometric Standards for the Agricultural Industry
  • Color Standards for Textiles
  • Instrument Standards for Blood Analysis
  • Test Standards for Lignin Content in Paper Pulp
  • Test Standards for whiteness of Wool and Cotton
  • whiteness & Brightness Standards for the Paper Industry
  • Custom Colors with Fluorescent Component


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