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Technical Information


  • Calibration Panels for Remote Sensing Applications
  • Spectral Diffuser Panel

Space-grade Spectralon reflectance material has gained wide acceptance as a reflecting diffuser material for terrestrial remote sensing applications for both field and laboratory applications. Space-grade Spectralon combines high reflectance with an extremely lambertian reflectance profile, exhibiting reflectance values of >99% reflectance over the wavelength range from 400 to 1500 nm and >95% reflectance from 250 to 2500 nm.

The material is processed in a clean-room environment and packaged to protect against molecular and particulate contamination. Each step in the manufacturing and handling process ensures that the material is of the highest purity and cleanliness, essential for space applications. Lambertian properties are unaffected by the reformulation and manufacturing process.

click here  View Space-Grade Spectralon Spectral Distribution Curve




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