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Technical Information


  • Spectraflect Integrating Sphere
  • Wide Spectral Range, 3501050 nm
  • Wide Radiometric Range, 10 W-1W
  • 2 nm Spectral Resolution
  • Plug-in PC Card Controller


LED and IRED Measurement

  • Total Power
  • Peak Power
  • Peak Wavelength
  • Full Width Half Maximum of Peak
  • Lumens
  • Chromaticity
  • Color Rendering Indices


The LED-202 Measurement Systems is an integrating sphere based measurement system for radiometric, photometric and spectral analysis of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) and Infrared Emitting Diodes (IREDs). Since LEDs and IREDs are used as a source of light in a large number of critical applications, it is important to obtain the spectral output differences of the devices. The LED-202 Measurement System allows for rapid collection of spectral data from the source and provides 2 nm spectral resolution. The system's software automatically finds the peak wavelength and zooms in on the spectral region around the peak. The total power from the source is displayed in milliwatts. For all diode emitters, the full width half maximum (FWHM) of the peak is displayed. For visible LEDs the lumens and chromaticity coordinates can be calculated.


Spectraflect Integrating Sphere

The LED-202 incorporates the use of a 2 inch diameter Spectraflect integrating sphere to collect the light from diode emitters. Integrating spheres have the ability to collect the total flux from a light source without any sensitivity to the light distribution. The LED under test mounts to an opening in the integrating sphere. The interior of the integrating sphere is coated with Spectraflect reflectance coating, a perfectly Lambertian, 100% reflecting surface that is ideal for applications from the UV to the NIR.

Diode Array Spectrometer

At the heart of the LED-202 is a diode array spectrometer for instantaneous spectrum acquisition and display. The spectrometer covers a wide spectral range extending 350 nm to 1050 nm. Fiberoptic coupling from the integrating sphere is hard-mounted to the spectrometer to maintain system wavelength accuracy.

System Control

The LED-202 uses a microprocessor-based system controller. This includes a radiometer which monitors the total flux within the integrating sphere and appropriately scales the spectral data.

PC Data Acquisition and MS-Windows Software

The LED-202 system includes a 16-bit analog-to-digital converter. The plug-in A/D card is user-installed into a desktop PC in just a few minutes. The system's Windows-based software provides an easy-to-use environment for data acquisition, display and analysis. Click-and-point mouse control links pull-down menus, dialog boxes and icon commands.



Spectral Range:

350 - 1050 nm

Sensitivity Range:

10 W-1W

Spectral Resolution:

2.0 nm

Wavelength Accuracy:

0.5 nm

Spectrometer Exposure Times:

100 ms - 60 s

Sphere Diameter:

2 inches

Sphere Material/Coating:


Electrical Interfaces:

rear-panel DB-9 connectors

Software Requirements:

Windows™ 3.1 or higher, 1.2 Mb disk space



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