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Technical Information


  • Exceptional Uniformity
  • Variable Radiance
  • Constant Color Temperature at Set Radiance Levels
  • Removable Optical Filter Holder at Source Aperature
  • Elapsed Time Meter
  • NIST Traceable Spectral Radiance Calibration


  • Calibration of Photometers and Radiometers
  • Calibration for Spectral Radiance
  • Calibration of Telespectroradiometers

The URS-600 Uniform Radiance Standard is a calibrated integrating sphere light source for calibration of imaging radiometers, telespectroradiometers, luminance photometers, and electronic image conversion devices. The large aperture source provides a brighter, more uniform radiating surface than remotely illuminated reflectance targets. The source output can be varied over a range of 10 to 20,000 foot-lamberts.The URS-600 Radiance Standard is calibrated for spectral radiance from 300 to 2400 nm. Calibration is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) standards.

The URS-600 takes advantage of the proven integrating sphere technique for providing uniform radiance across a large aperture. A 6 inch diameter Spectralon integrating sphere is internally illuminated by a 150 watt tungsten halogen lamp providing maximum source radiance at all wavelengths over the 300 to 2400 nm spectral region. An adjustable slide attenuator controls the radiance output at the sphere's 1.50 inch diameter exit port aperture. The sliding aperture attenuation prevents color shifts as the source luminance is varied. A built-in photopic response photodetector monitors the source luminance. A separate mechanical shutter enables the user to zero ambient light during device calibration.

The URS-600 Uniform Radiance Source is operated through a control chassis that features a regulated DC constant current power supply and an SC-5500 Integrating Sphere System Control. Digital readout of the source output is displayed on an LCD display located on the front panel of the SC-5500. Both IEEE-488 and RS-232C serial ports are included for optional computer interface. Labsphere offers an optional Windows-based software package for computer operation.

View Typical Radiance Source Uniformity





Luminance Range:

10 - 20,000 fl

Color Temperature:

3200K 25K

Luminance Stability (short term):

0.1% over 4 hours

Luminance Stability (long term):

0.8% over 100 hours

Luminance Calibration Uncertainty:


Spectral Radiance Calibration:

300 nm - 2400 nm

Spectral Radiance Calibration Uncertainty:

< 3% @ 350 nm-1600 nm
< 4% @ 2000 nm
< 9% @ 2400 nm

Integrating Sphere Diameter:

6 inches

Source Aperture Diameter:

1.50 inches

Power Requirements:

110-120/220-240 VAC; 50/60 Hz

Operating Environment:

0 - 50 C


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