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Technical Information


  • Sphere Conforms to Recommendation of CIE Publication 84
  • 2 nm Spectral Resolution
  • TE-Cooled Photodiode Array Detectors
  • Computer Interface
  • Application Software


Testing of:

  • Arc Lamps
  • Architecture Lighting
  • Art, Museum Exhibit Lighting
  • Automotive Lighting
  • CRT Displays
  • Entertainment Lighting
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • HID Lamps
  • Incandescent Lamps
  • Miniature Lamps
  • Photographic Flash Units
  • Photolithographic Systems

Labsphere SLMS Spectral Lamp Measurement Systems are designed for spectral measurements of sources with strong emission lines, such as the high intensity discharge (HID) lamps used in commercial and urban lighting. The strong peaks of these lamps require careful spectral analysis. A lamp is spectrally analyzed relative to the properties of a calibrated lamp standard.

SLMS Spectral Lamp Measurement Systems reduce the potential spectral errors associated with a photopic detector-based measurement system. A photodiode array spectrometer permits digital computation of luminous flux. Easy-to-use application software computes the lumens of the lamp using the CIE luminous efficacy function. Spectral lamp data also yields important color properties such as chromaticity, correlated color temperature and the color rendering indices.

Five integrating sphere sizes are offered, each designed to accommodate a particular class of lamp defined by their physical size and flux. Each system includes a lamp measurement integrating sphere, a calibrated spectral flux standard, a precision power supply and a diode array spectrometer. Computer interface and applications software are included with each system. The system power supply and diode array spectrometer are packaged in a rack-mount console.

Lamp measurement integrating spheres range in size from 10 to 76 inches in diameter. The sphere design conforms to the recommendations of CIE Publication 84, providing an easy-to-operate highly accurate measurement system. The sphere interior is coated with Spectraflect, a diffuse white reflectance coating specifically formulated for lamp measurement.

for applications in the 390-760 nm wavelength range

The SLMS-XX1 I Series Spectral Lamp Measurement Systems incorporate the DAS-1100 Diode Array Spectrometer for applications in the 390 - 760 nm wavelength range. The DAS-1100 spectrometer is a single grating, 1024 element thermoelectrically cooled photodiode array detector.

for applications in the 350-1050 nm wavelength range

The SLMS-XX21 Series Spectral Lamp Measurement Systems incorporate the DAS-2100 Diode Array Spectrometer for applications in the 350 - 1050 nm wavelength range. The DAS-2100 spectrometer uses two diffraction gratings and two 1024 element thermoelectrically cooled photodiode array detectors. This novel design approach provides both wide spectral coverage and narrow spectral resolution.

System Software

Windows-based software supplied with SLMS Spectral Lamp Measurement Systems uses a single screen to guide the user through the lamp measurement procedures and continuously reports all spectral energy distribution and color data of the test lamp. The lamp luminous flux is computed using the CIE luminous efficacy function. Spectral lamp data yields important color properties including chromaticity (x, y, and u, v), correlated color temperature and color rendering indices (Ra, R1 to R14, J15 and Rt). A graphic screen displays spectral flux versus wavelength, the CIE chromacity diagram with the measured chromacity.

Standards and Calibration

A Calibrated Spectral Flux Standard is supplied with each lamp measurement system. Lamp standards are calibrated in our Optical Calibration Laboratory with standards traceable to national laboratories.

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View Typical Maximum Spectral Radiance


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  • Compute:
             -Chromaticity Coordinates
             -Correlated Color Temperature
             -Color Rendering Indices
  • Photo Fluorescent Lamp
  • Color Ellipses
  • Plots and Displays
  • Chromaticity Coordinates
  • Saves and Exports Data
  • Finds Spectral Peaks
  • Stores up to 5 User Scans for Quick Access
  • AUX-30 Auxiliary Lamp

    Auxiliary lamps are available for use in more demanding measurements when the absorption of the test lamp must be considered. Labsphere recommends the use of an auxiliary lamp for situations where the physical configuration and characteristics of the test lamps differ from those of the calibrated lamp. The throughput of the sphere varies given such differences in lamps, and an auxiliary lamp corrects for these differences by providing a means of correcting for lamp absorption.

    Calibrated Spectral Flux Standard Sets

    Calibrated Spectral Flux Standards are sold in sets of three lamps. The use of three lamps prolongs the useful life of each lamp since they may be used interchangeably. The multiple lamp sets allow the user to check the lamps against each other to verify calibration data over time. A calibration certificate verifying traceability to national laboratory standards is provided for each lamp in the set.


    • Spectral Quality of Lamps
    • Luminous Flux
    • Chromaticity
    • Correlated Color Temperature
    • Color Rendering Indices
    • LED Bandwidth


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