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Technical Information


  • Two System Options for Measurements from 300 to 1800 nm
  • Computer Interface
  • Application Software Available
  • NIST Traceable System Calibration Options


  • Measure Laser Output
  • Measure Laser Diode Output
  • Optical Bench Detection
  • Measure Collimated Light Sources

The LPMS Series Laser Power Measurement Systems include two precision optical power meters designed to measure the total output power of lasers and laser diodes. The LPMS-400SF is designed for applications covering the 300 to 1100 nm wavelength region. The LPMS-400N is designed for NIR applications, covering the 800 to 1800 nrn wavelength region. Each system consists of a laser power measurement sphere, a detector assembly, and an SC-5500 Integrating Sphere System Control.

Laser Power Measurement Sphere

LPMS Systems feature a 4 inch diameter integrating sphere which includes a 1 inch diameter input port and an innovation non-radical detector port. The detector port design allows for the measurement of lasers with divergences of up to 40 half-angle. The detector, located below the sphere entrance port, views the sphere wall directly above the entrance port. The detector's field-of-view is designed to limit the viewing area so that highly divergent sources may be input without effecting measurement accuracy. A detector adapter accommodates filters up to 0.5 inches.

System Calibration

Calibration is programmed into the SC-5500 Integrating Sphere System Control to display the total power entering the sphere at a single wavelength. Calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Standard System Calibrations:

  • LPMS400 @ 630 nm
  • LPMS400N @ 1300 nm
    Customers may specify a different single wavelength for calibration at the time of order. Please discuss your requirements with a Labsphere Technical Sales Representative.

Optional System Calibration:

SCC-PM - Multiple Single Wavelength Calibration
sets the SC-5500 to display the total power entering the sphere:

  • For LPMS-400: at 31 single wavelengths from 350 to 1100 nm, every 25 nm.
  • For LPMS-400N: at 41 single wavelengths from 800 to 1800 nm.

Optional Software

Software is available for both the LPMS-400 and LPMS-400N Laser Power Measurement Systems to control the SC-5500 Integrating Sphere System Control and monitor the power of the laser or laser diode.





Detector Spectral Range:

300 - 1100 nm

800 - 1800 nm

Detector Spectral Peak:

960 nm

1550 nm

Typical Minimum Power:

15 microwatts
@ 630 nm

75 microwatts
@ 1300 nm

Detector Assembly:



Sphere Diameter:

4 inches

4 inches

Sphere Port Diameter:

1 inch

1 inch

Sphere Coating:



Computer Interface:

IEEE-488; RS-232C

IEEE-488; RS-232C

Power Requirements:

110/220 VAC;
50/60 HZ

50/60 HZ

Operating Temperature:

0 - 50 C

0 - 50 C



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