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Technical Information
Occasionally, Labsphere's standard Integrating Sphere Systems do not meet the specific needs of our customers. We therefore welcome inquiries for the design and manufacture of custom optical radiation measurement and test systems. Labsphere's experienced research and development engineers work closely with our customers to provide the highest level in product development, applications and technical support. Please contact our Technical Sales Department to discuss your special requirements.

A few examples of custom designed systems:

A fully integrated lamp measurement test station designed to support all manufacturing and statistical process control requirements for a major lamp manufacturer. Design considerations included an ergonomically designed workstation layout that allows one operator to easily monitor the activities of multiple stations.
Creating a stable source approximating the spectral radiance of sun-lit earth can be a difficult task. A uniform source sphere was designed to combine xenon and halogen lamps within the same sphere. This uniform light source provided the stability needed from the halogen lamp and the blue light needed from the xenon lamp, allowing for a much better approximation of a solar spectrum than with halogen lamps alone.
NEED 9050
A Labsphere uniform source with a 1 meter aperature is used for ground calibration of each observation satellite sensors.



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