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Technical Information


  • Computer Control of up to Six Detector Assemblies
  • Break-Before-Make Delay
  • Computer Operable
  • Multiple Detector Type Selection
  • Multiplexers May Be Cascaded to Provide Extended Control of Detector Assemblies

The DM-1000 Detector Multiplexer is designed for the control of multiple detector assemblies through the SC-5500 Integrating Sphere System Control. The DM-1000 Detector Multiplexer expands computer control from one detector to as many as six detector assemblies. DM-1000 Detector Mulitplexers may be cascaded to provide extended detector assembly control. Detector Inputs Four ports located in Input 1 on the rear panel accept Labsphere silicon, germanium and PMT detector assemblies. Each input port connects to the SC-5500 Integrating Sphere System Control. As many as four silicon, germanium or PMT detector assemblies may be connected to the DM-1000 Detector Multiplexer.

Operational Features

The DM-1000 Detector Multiplexer employs a break-before-make delay of 100 milliseconds. This technology ensures complete isolation between both ground and signal channels of multiple detector assemblies. Eight LEDs on the front panel of the DM-1000 Detector Multiplexer indicate which relay is closed. Each indicator corresponds to an input port on the rear panel of the detector multiplexer.




Number of Input Ports:


Channel to Channel Isolation:

100 dB

Maximum Switch Voltage:

150 Volts

Maximum Switch Current:

250 mA

Maximum Carry Current:

1.5 A

Maximum Contact Rating:

5 Watts

Switch Life Expectancy:

100 x 106 cycles

Contact Resistance:

0.5 Ohms

Minimum Insulation Resistance:

1010 Ohms

Release Time:

10 milliseconds


110/220 VAC; 50/60 Hz


12 lbs (5.45 kg)

Dimensions (inches):

16.7 W x 16 D x 5.2 H



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