Our Technical Support Group is available to answer questions, solve problems, or just offer advice on the set-up and operation of your video imaging system. They are also your source for answers to your questions on software upgrades, repairs, and parts. Technical Support is available by calling 1-800-533-1162 from 8:30am to 5:30pm (Eastern Time), Monday through Friday.

If your identification equipment ever needs repairs, our expertly trained Service Department is ready to help. Just give us a call. We'll be glad to discuss your problem, and if possible, help you solve it over the phone.

If your equipment requires factory service...we'll assist you in returning it to our Service Center, make the necessary repairs, and return it to you without delay. If your equipment is not covered under warranty or by an IDentification Resources Service Contract, we'll call you with an exact cost and obtain your approval BEFORE we make any repairs.

Our Service Technicians have over 40 years of experience with all brands and models of identification equipment. Call us anytime!

If unanticipated repair expenses are a problem, an IDentification Resources Service Contract is the solution. It can provide the peace-of-mind of knowing that all your yearly repair expenses are covered by one set fee, at a price that's lower than the cost of most single repairs.

Our Service Contracts cover all parts and labor to repair your system anytime it should require service. Of course, a routine preventive maintenance check-up on your system is an important element of our service contract to you. Call us for details and pricing.

If your card or badge requirements are temporary...if you need additional equipment to increase the number of ID cards you can issue during busy periods such as Fall Registration...or if you simply want the insurance of having back-up units available to prevent unnecessary disruptions during implementation of a badging project...give us a call. We stock a large inventory of ID systems and components available for rental by day, by week, or by month.

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