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Product offers, their rates, yields, terms and other information provided on this Web site are subject to change without notice. Fidelity Bank updates the information regularly but cannot guarantee it's completeness, currentness or accuracy at all times. The information provided to you using calculators is based on your input and is here as an estimation tool for your sole use. The results are not guaranteed to be accurate, and are in no way offered or guaranteed by Fidelity Bank. Information presented on the web site regarding products and services does not constitute a commitment to provide services. All appropriate disclosures will be mailed to users who open accounts at Fidelity Bank, or upon request.

Privacy Policy

At Fidelity Bank we value and respect the trust that you, our customer, place in us when you ask for financial products and services. An important element of that trust is our commitment to protect the private information you provide us whatever the communication source may be (fax, phone, mail, personal appointment, web site).

In using this Web site, you can inquire about products, use calculators or fill out E-mail applications for financial services. You have every right to expect that this information will be kept confidential and not discussed with anyone. If you provide personal or identifying information, it will only be used for the purposes described at the data entry point, and to inform you of the financial services in which you might be interested. Such information will not be transferred to other parties. If you would like more detail about our privacy policy, click here and fill out the request form. An information brochure will be mailed to you in a few days.

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