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J4500 Bus
MCI J4500 - 2011

Seats 56

This bus seats 56 and comes with seatbelts and a wheelchair lift. The engine is a state of the art, EPA approved,
environmentally friendly engine.

Tourliner Mini-Bus
Seats 30
30 Passenger with Lavatory.

Buckingham Bus Company Proudly Owns Two Distinct Models of the 45 foot MCI Buses for Charter

Bus #122 - MCI 102DL3

Bus #122 - MCI 102DL3
seats 55, two available for charter

D-Series coaches, built for Public Sector use, have run for more than three million miles. Their reliability is defined by the rugged stainless steel monocoque construction. These buses incorporate safety, styling, and comfort.

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MCI's Luxurious Model E SeriesMCI's Luxurious Model E Series
Seats 54, three available for charter   

The object of desire for many a tour and charter operator since its 1997 debut, MCI's luxury E-Series. With its spiral entryway, tiered theater seating and huge baggage capacity, the trend-setting MCI E4500 coach is the best in its class for the ultimate in luxury touring. And the exterior sports an attention-getting graphic scheme.

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