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For twenty years, gas utilities have relied on Bascom-Turner Instruments to supply gas detectors for their workforce.

The Gas-Sentry, our original gas detector, remains a high-quality, high value tool for utility service personnel. The Gas-Ranger, the detector of choice for construction personnel, maintains the high accuracy and reliability of the Sentry in a rugged, waterproof case. The addition of a high-speed pump makes it particularly well-suited for line purging and bar-holing.

Our newest detectors, the Gas-Explorer and the Gas-Rover, utilize the latest developments in digital electronics to extend the range, reliability, and productivity of our gas detectors. Both feature extensive data-logging capabilities, a large LCD display, and intuitive operation.

The Gas-Explorer, designed for service personnel, has a calibrated accuracy of 20ppm. The Gas-Rover is both a leak survey instrument and a CGI for bar-holing. Using a combination of catalytic combustion sensors and a thermal conductivity sensor, it has the ability to measure 1ppm to 100% gas.

Of course, all of our products are manufactured to stand up to the demanding conditions of gas utilitity applications. More infomation about our gas detectors is available in the Products section.


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