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Thank you for selecting KES Environmental Network, Inc. to assist you in selecting qualified capable support contractors for your expanding business needs. We will endeavor to provide you with the personnel to meet your needs on an ongoing basis. We will match up the personnel with the qualifications which you require, and provide staff that fulfills these needs on timely basis for the first, second, or third shifts.

To assist you with some of details of our services, we have prepared this list of topics for you to review at your convenience. Should there be other questions not covered in this material, please contact us directly, and we will obtain the necessary response for you immediately.

We Provide You…

Manpower who have the basic requirements which you have requested and all have completed our:

  • Application Form

  • I-9 Forms for I.N.S.

  • IRS Form W-4

  • We also carry Workers Compensation Insurance on all our employees.

The support personnel provided are to be considered on our service and on lease arrangement to you. You may direct them to do or perform all tasks within their capability within your workplace and on the schedule convenient to your operation.


We do not usually maintain any contracts with our clients, as it provides us both with a greater degree of flexibility to perform within accepted limits. If, however you or your company requires a contract to be in place, we will accept one, which you may provide to us. It is our intention to meet your requirements for support personnel under almost any conditions. Our intent is that you are in the driver's seat on all issues.

Unacceptable Performance:

At any time that an employee of ours is not meeting your performance standards, we will be glad to replace that person within the shortest time period possible and yet meet your requirements for the position. Please let us know how we may best assist you in the obtaining the maximum performance possible from our support staff.

Workmen's Comp. Insurance:

We maintain an insurance policy for all of our staff. Should you require a copy of our certificate for your verification, please request this through our office secretary.


The wage rates for each position you require will vary depending upon the requirements you set for the position. These rates are set at the time of the initial discussion with our representative. The variance will depend upon the requirements of the experience and background needed, or if it is an entry level position and you will be training the manpower. Once established, the rates do not change unless the work level or duties change.

Shift Differential:

There is a shift deferential for all positions on the 2nd and 3rd shifts of (10%). This is a standard increase, which we use on all positions for all companies.

Overtime Rate:

Overtime will be calculated on a basis of any hours over forty in any one week and will be charged to you at the rate of time and one-half of the regular rate. You will inform us of the total hours worked for each person and record it on the time sheets provided any person exceeding forty hours will automatically be calculated at the 1 ½ x the rate.

Holiday Rate:

All persons requested to work on any National or State holiday will be billed at the overtime rate for the hours worked on the holiday (i.e. at time and one-half the rate). The following holidays are observed by our company and will be honored for all our personnel.

New Year Day January
President's Day February
Easter Sunday March/April
Memorial Day May
July 4th July
Labor Day September
Columbus Day October
Thanksgiving Day November
Christmas Day December

This holiday schedule will be effective for those personnel whom you wish to have work on these days, and the rate will be at the overtime rate for the hours worked on these days, regardless of the total hours worked for the week.

Shut Down and Vacation Periods:

We would appreciate knowing your vacation period and shut down periods at least two weeks in advance of the closing time, in order for us to communicate this to our personnel. Also, let us know if there are any changes in the work schedule for the start-up period once it begins again.

Time Sheets:

At the conclusion of each work week, we request that you FAX A COPY of the time sheets to our office (FAX NO. (978) 251-8843) on Monday morning (or at the latest Tuesday A.M.) so that we can meet payroll by Tuesday afternoon. We will also provide you with a turnaround Fax Invoice sent directly to you for payment of the prior week's services.

Payment Due:

We would appreciate your check sent to us by Thursday of the same week. In order for us to meet the payroll schedule with our employees on Friday, we must have your check for Thursday bank deposits. This will provide us with the funds without any undue lag in the payroll schedule. We do not carry any company for any time period with unpaid invoices. Should there be a problem with this schedule at any time, please give us ample warning so that we can make adjustments in our pay periods. There is a late charge of 5% on any late payments.

Workplace Safety:

Pursuant to Federal and State Law, employers must inform their employees of the potential existence of all hazards including hazardous substances, which exist in the work place. Since you, as a temporary contract service employer, control the workplace environment, it will be necessary for you to provide the information for each temporary employee whom you may employ. This should be done on the first day of the employees' work experience with you. It is therefore essential that orientation and training take place regarding the existence of any hazardous substances with which the employee may come on contact. It would also be important to provide the temporary employee with the knowledge of fire plan and fire exits in the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the building.


Transportation is provided to our staff and guaranteed to the company at any point where we have six or more employees going to the same plant at the same time. Should there be fewer than six employees, we endeavor to have the employees provide their own transportation for the shifts that they are working.

Temp to Permanent: An employee may convert from Temporary status to Permanent status at any point after 120 days starting employment at your facility, and without any charge to make the conversion. The change to permanent status must be made by a letter request directly to our office.

Should you find an employee that you really want to join your staff on a fast track basis, the following fee will be applicable to cover our costs and will be charged to you for the early conversion.


end of 30 days $400.00
end of 60 days $300.00
end of 90 days $200.00

Please let us know in advance when you would like to make this early conversion to permanent status.

Our Resources:

The personnel we utilize are basically our primary resource and we therefore guard them very carefully so that nothing will interfere with this working relationship. We therefore ask that you not attempt to subvert our efforts to find these people employment by terminating them for our services and then offering employment through your own company. We want to work with you to the best of our ability, but should differences occur on this type of situation, rest assured we will be in communication with you to resolve the issues.

Personnel which are provided work to be completed at home ("HOMEWORK") and then expected to return the product or services to the workplace the next day with the finished product, is considered as temporary employment work as well. this will be billable as a service from New England Employment Network, Inc., and will be included in our weekly invoice to you

Indirect Recruiting:

When you utilize our services for personnel needs, the man-power we provide may have access to other family members or friends whom they may know may be suitable for the positions you may have open. We would prefer you to make all such contacts through our office. Please refrain from seeking employee sources from our employees on the basis of a "Gentleman's Agreement", thus avoiding competitive market pools for potential employees. This request is made to bridge any potential disagreements between our organizations.

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