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The for reliable, low cost liquid handling automation

Prep Station Specifications

Reliable and Low Cost The programmable uses rugged servomotors with proven belt driven actuators and reliable surface mounted electronics. Designed with both end user and OEM applications in mind, the series of Prep Stations has been continuously updated and refined from field experiences obtained from thousands of installed units. The new is the autosampler of choice when low cost and reliability are required.

Flexible The was designed for those who need maximum hardware and software flexibility. Switchover from one application to another is simple. The can be programmed for multiple probe, septa piercing, and precision microplate liquid handling applications. It is capable of lifting three pounds at the end of the Y-axis and the septa-piercing option for the has eight pounds of punch strength for the toughest septa-piercing requirement.

Modular Accessories, including syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps, rinse station pumps, adapter plates, and other modular components, are available. Their access and location on the Universal Device Platform is integrated into the Vista software, making it quick and easy to set up and switch between applications.

Fast The probe arm assembly moves along the X, Y, and Z-axes at speeds from 0 to 3.5 inches per second with full control of velocity and acceleration.

Options The is available in two sizes; the S Prep Stations have 90 square inches of accessible area, and the L Prep Stations have 165 square inches. It is also offered at a component level for maximum OEM configurability. In fact, the XYZ arm assembly can be modified to fit the dimensions of most existing instrumentation.

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