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The TVC Jarrell-Ash MonoSpec 10 is the newest and smallest member of the MonoSpec line following the tradition of Jarrell Ash monochromators. It is a concave, corrected, holographic grating monochromator (f/# 3.4) with a worm drive. The resolution is better than 1.0 nm with a 1200 g/mm grating. A newly developed grating mount will allow for the quick interchange of gratings. Since the grating is a holographic grating you get low stray light. This unit's small footprint (130 x 140 x 90 mm) makes it ideal for OEM uses. The unit is also available as a spectrograph. Accessories include stepper motor drive, fiber optic interface, and a selection of gratings and slits to suit your research needs.

Focal length: 100 mm
Grating: Concave Holographic (corrected) 32 mm X 32 mm, 1200 g/mm
Resolution: Better than 1.0 nm with a 1200 g/mm grating in the region of 200 to 700 nm. The Hg doublet of 577 nm and 579 nm can easily be resolve
Reciprocal Linear Dispersion: 6 nm/mm with a 1200 g/mm grating
Stray light: Stray light is determined by measuring the intensityat 210 nm and at 250 nm and then attenuating the signal with 1/4" green glass which has a transmission of 0% below 300 nm. At 210 nm the stray light is less than 0.5% and at 250 nm the stray light is less than 0.13%. At 10 nm from the 632.8 nm laser line the stray light is less than 0.001%.
Dimensions: (165 x 128 x 100) mm; (6.50 x 5.04 x 3.94) inches
Options: Stepper motor/drive control
Fiber optic interface
Other gratings available

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MonoSpec 10 Systems & Accessories


MonoSpec 10 Monochromator, 100 mm focal length, f/3.4. Uses 1200 g/mm, blazed for 200 nm-700 nm range, concave corrected holographic grating and includes digital wave- length indicator. (Requires two slits from the list below.) Other gratings may be selected from the list below.


MonoSpec 10 Operator's Manual

600 g/mm 400 nm to 1600 nm range
300 g/mm 800 nm to 3200 nm range
1200 g/mm Blazed at 450 nm (ion etched)

Slit Assemblies

Fixed slits on bayonet slides
12739700 10µ wide, 8 mm high
12739800 25µ wide, 8 mm high
12739900 50µ wide, 8 mm high
12745000 100µ wide, 8 mm high
12745100 150µ wide, 8 mm high
12745200 250µ wide, 8 mm high
12745300 500µ wide, 8 mm high
12745400 1000µ wide, 8 mm high

2000µ wide, 8 mm high

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