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The LambdaSCAN-937 is a microprocessor-controlled laboratory automation system designed for use with the TVC Jarrell-Ash line of monochromators and spectrographs. The microprocessor controls monochromators, spectrographs, filter wheels, adjustable slits and grating turrets.

The LambdaSCAN-937 is versatile and easy to use. In its stand-alone mode, it may be controlled through a simple, hand-held controller which consists of a 4-line by 16-column liquid crystal display and a 24-key membrane keypad mounted in a convenient, hand-held enclosure.

Unlike other automated monochromator systems on the market, the LambdaSCAN-937 also allows data acquisition and external control. With its built-in 8- or 10-bit analog to digital converter, 8-bit digital to analog converter, 4 software controllable AC line switched, 8 digital output ports and 8 digital input ports, the LambdaSCAN-937 is equipped to meet your demanding interface needs. Additionally, the LambdasCAN-937 is equipped with an RS-232C serial communications port to allow easy interface to your laboratory computer. The command set is fully explained in the programming manual. We also provide an external bus interface option to allow you to interface to the standard IEEE-488 (GPIB) bus.

Line Voltage:
AC 84 VRMS to 250 VRMS
A/D Resolution:
8 Channels, 8-bit or optional 10-bit, adjustable reference
D/A Resolution:
1 Channel, 8-bit 2.55V full range (0.01V resolution)
Digital I/O:
8 Input Channels, 8 Output Channels
AC Switched Voltages:
Maximum 2A, Voltage = Line Voltage
Externally accessible decoded I/O expansion port
4 x 16 LCD, 24-Key membrane Keypad
Motor Current:
24V, 0.45A DC Holding Maximum

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