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Thermo Vision Colorado's specialty is liquid handling automation. Our staff of mechanical, motion control, and electrical engineers is experienced in devising practical and cost effective automation solutions. In our experience, a standard "off-the-shelf" liquid handling design will rarely fulfill OEM expectations for "fit and function". For starters, requirements for standardization and calibration, probe styles, containers, rinsing, diluting, dispensing, timed events, and many others vary between analytical methods and between instrumental techniques.

In working with our OEM customers, we have found that it is most cost effective and technically efficient to collaborate closely with the instrument manufacturer during the early design phases of new instrumentation in a "design for automation" approach. We need to fully understand your requirements on all phases of liquid handling including container management, probe holders, sampling rates and volumes, communication standards, pumping systems, rinse stations, dimensions, …and the list goes on. This "design for automation" approach minimizes compromises, decreases costs, and creates timesaving benefits. Flexibility is engineered into the
Automation Stations and the Prep Stations. One of our product engineers will work with you to define the exact configuration required for your application. Sometimes this will be a custom blend of off-the shelf capabilities and sometimes development is required. Our product engineers will document exact build requirements so that your customized liquid handling system will be ready to install with your instruments. No rework required.

We also want to hear about all of your wishes because we have more automation tools than can be imagined. We look forward to working with you.

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