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TVC Jarrell-Ash has combined the best in detector systems with the best in spectrographs to provide systems with the power and performance to meet your exacting specifications at a price that will stretch your R&D dollars further. Our MonoSpec 18, 27, and 50 models of spectrographs can be fitted with the detectors listed below to create a system with the specific features you need for your application. In addition, a variety of photomultiplier tubes are available.

ST-6 CCD Detector System

The ST-6 UV CCD camera from Santa Barbara Instruments Group is an excellent low cost CCD detector system. With a two-stage TE cooled 750 x 242 pixel array covering an 8.63 x 6.53 mm area, the ST-6 covers a spectral response range from 200 nm to 1100 nm. Exposure times are fully programmable down to 0.01 seconds, and the signal is clocked in using a 16-bit digitization. The KestrelSpec software, available for wither the Mac or Windows, is a powerful yet easy to use analysis tool designed specifically for spectroscopic applications.

LS-2000/LS-2000c Linear Diode Array

The TVC Jarrell-Ash LS-200 and LS-2000c multichannel optical analyzers offer a breakthrough in spectroscopic instrumentation: powerful tools that are flexible and affordable. Accurate real-time detection and analysis is practical for a wide variety of analytical methods, including spectroscopy, Raman scattering, fluorescence, HPLC, color measurement, and others. The 2048-element photodiode array detector system provides broad spectral response (200 to 1100 nm), high quantum efficiency, fast scanning rate, low dark noise current, low readout noise, and 12-bit A/D digitizing resolution. Two models are available for your specific applications: the ambient model LS-2000 and the thermoelectrically cooled LS-2000c.

PMT Power Supply

The PMT-HVPS was designed to provide researchers with a user-friendly, high-quality power source capable of meeting the most demanding performance standards. This portable unit has a line regulation of 0.01 percent and an anode ripple voltage of less than 5 mV peak-to-peak. Its output is adjustable and ranges from 0 to -1,000 volts. The PMT-HVPS also demonstrates outstanding stability at 0.01 percent/hour. If your research with photomultiplier tubes demands the best equipment, choose the PMT-HVPS as your power source.

Coax Wire
Output Signal
15 V
Case ground

Input voltage:
15 V ± 1 V
Input current:
200mA TYP
Output voltage:
0 to -1,000 V
Anode current:
30µA Max.
Dynode chain:
330K ohms X 10 steps
Anode ripple:
5 mVpp (Cathode Volt @ 1KV)
Output control voltage:
Vcon-in 0 to 5 V
Line regulation:
0.01 percent
0.01 percent/hour
Metal case
Operation temperature:
0 to 50° C
Storage temperature:
-20 to 60° C
Input terminals (lead ends not stripped):
Flying leads (132cm)
Output terminals:
Socket 1 1/8 in.
Output signal:
50 ohms shielded wire (101cm)
35Ø x 53L mm

The above specifications indicate maximum rated output and may change without prior notice.

Aladdin HCL Power Supply

AWESOME POWER, itty-bitty package. Presenting the Aladdin Hollow Cathode Lamp Power Supply from TVC Jarrell-Ash. Now a trusted name in hollow cathode lamps brings you a way to bring the genie out of your lamps, without smokin' your budget. Finally, an inexpensive HCL power supply that won't take up your valuable lab space. The Aladdin HCL Power Supply provides the power to light any element lamp, including deuterium. Best of all, it comes in a package so small you can carry it in a brief case. The Aladdin HCL Power Supply from TVC Jarrell-Ash. You may not get three wishes, but with any other power supply, you'll wish you had one of these.

Starting Voltage:
500 Volts
Output Current:
0 - 20 mA DC
Current Ripple:
0.01% p-p
Voltage Ripple:
20 mV p-p
Electronic Drift:
Input Voltage:
84-270 VAC (universal)
Input Current:
1 Amp
Lamp Fuse:
50 mA fast blow micro-mini
Supply Fuse:
1 Amp fast blow 1.25" 250V
Digital LCD Panel Meter
10 turn, 0 - 20 mA
8-pin Standard HCL, P-E adapter available
6 x 4 x 7 (WHD) inches
2.5 lbs.

Pen Style Calibration Lamp

This low cost pen style calibration lamp is the perfect tool for applications like instrument calibration or line profiling. It comes with either a mercury, neon, or argon pen lamp so you can choose the lamp which is best for your application. Available for 110 or 220 volt line sources, this compact light source is a must for your research facility.

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