Automate Fluid Handling
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The for ultimate liquid handling automation capability

Automation Station Specifications

Reliable Engineered with extreme duty cycles in mind, the incorporates rugged encoded servomotors, lead screws, and surface mounted digital electronics. The is built for unattended operation in critical applications where there is no tolerance for failure.

Flexible The Universal Device Platform enables the Automation Station to be configured with microplates, test tubes, vials, bottles, beakers, and other devices. Adapter plates facilitate switching between types of sample containers. The Automation Station is capable of lifting two pounds at the end of the Y-axis and can perform operations requiring septa piercing, disposable pipettes, and multiple probes.

Accessible The requires support for the probe arm only along one side, leaving the other three sides of the Universal Device Platform open. This open design makes it easy to access the working area on the Universal Device Platform, facilitating setup and operator intervention during operation.

Modular Accessories, including syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps, rinse station pumps, adapter plates, and other modular components, are available. Their access and location on the Universal Device Platform is integrated into the Vista software, making it quick and easy to set up and switch between applications.

Fast Sample probe motion in the X, Y, and Z-axes can be programmed at a time saving speed of ten inches per second with end-of-travel acceleration and deceleration control.

Precise With a probe positioning accuracy of 0.05 mm in all axes, the is capable of performing the most precise microplate tasks, including positioning for 1536 well microplates.

Upgradeable As sample loads increase in your laboratory, your Automation Station can always be upgraded to an Automation Station with a Moving Tray. This allows you to program for larger sample capacity and continuous operation.


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