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Fixed Slits for all Units Except MonoSpec 10
12-505 10µ wide, 18mm high
12-509 25µ wide, 18mm high
12-514 50µ wide, 18mm high
12-525 100µ wide, 18mm high
12-527 150µ wide, 18mm high
12-535 250µ wide, 18mm high
12-540 500µ wide, 18mm high
12-560 1000µ wide, 18mm high
12-570 2000µ wide, 18mm high
12-590 3mm diameter aperture
12-591 6mm diameter aperture
15-3000 Adjustable slit assembly, 15 mm to 3 mm, 18 mm high

Photomultiplier Tubes and Tube Housing

We offer a selection of photomultiplier tubes providing spectral coverage from 160 nm to 1100 nm.


Side window photomultiplier housing for use with a Side-on photomultiplier tube with 8 pin socket and two coaxial cables terminated with MHV and BNC connectors. This housing will fit any MonoSpec series monochromator and will accommodate any Hamamatsu side-on tubes.


Photomultiplier Tube R-212, for use in 185-670 nm range. (Spectral response S-5). Useful range of 185-650 nm, peaked at 340 nm. UV window, Sb-Cs cathode.

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Photomultiplier Tube R-955, for use in 185-800 nm range. Useful range
of 160-930 nm, peaked at 400 nm. Fused silica window.


Photomultiplier Tube R-406, for use in 800-1100 nm range. (Spectral response S-1.) Useful range of 400-1100 nm, peaked at 700 nm. Borosilicate window, Ag-O-Cs cathode.

Filters Wheels and Filters

To avoid unwanted wavelengths due to overlapping orders or stray light and for purposes of calibration, optical filters are often used. The filters may be cut-on/cut-off filters or polarization filters. They may be constructed from special glasses or they may be multilayer dielectric filters. We currently offer a variety of filter wheels for use with all of our MonoSpec monochromators.

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Filter Wheel Holder with Cover. Mounts directly to the standard bayonet entrance or exit slit with two locking screws (provided). The holder will accommodate any two octagonal filter wheels listed below providing for a total of 16 filters available at either slit. Mounting holes provided to accept standard accessories.


Filter Wheel. Octagonal wheel providing space for eight 1/4" by 1/2" filters.


Filter Wheel for stray light reduction and unwanted order elimination. Contains six filters. The filters provided are: 1. Violet 220-420nm, 2. Blue 300-460nm, 3. Clear 300nm-IR, 4. Orange 580nm-IR, 5. Red 650nm-IR, and 6. Dark Red 750nm-1.15µm. Two additional open windows are provided. Requires 82-468, filter wheel holder with cover.


Filter Wheel for florescence studies. Used to block excitation, but passes florescence. Contains seven cutoff filters: 1. Clear 350nm, 2. Clear 400nm, 3. Yellow tint 450nm, 4. Yellow 500nm, 5. Orange 550nm, 6. Red 600nm, and 7. Deep Red 650nm. One open window is provided. Requires 82-468, filter wheel holder with cover.


Filter Wheel for calibration, standardization, and performance evaluation. The filters are: 1. Holmium oxide for calibrating in the UV and VIS, 2. Didymium for calibrating from the VIS to the NIR (1.0µm), 3. O.D. 1.0, 4. O.D. 2.0, and 5. O.D. 3.0 The Didymium filter can also be used for measuring stray light. Three open windows are provided. Requires 82-468, filter wheel holder with cover.


Polarization Filter Wheel. Provides three precise modes of
polarization: perpendicular, parallel, and 45 degrees to the electric vector. Covers the range 275 to 750 nm. One open window is provided. Requires
82-468 filter wheel holder with cover.

Optical Coating Service

Exposure to air and UV radiation results in the degradation of the mirror and grating surfaces. This loss can result in a severe reduction in the throughput of a monochromator, especially in the UV portion of the spectrum. We offer a strip and recoat service for our mirrors. For those interested in the UV part of the spectrum we can overcoat the aluminum surface with MgF2 using the Hass technique. This will slow the oxidation of the aluminum surface and thereby enhance the reflectivity of the UV. Other coatings are available for enhanced performance in the visible and infrared.

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