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We deliver and assemble our sheds and gazebos on site to all of New England, in many cases at no additional charge. To confirm your order qualifies for free delivery, please contact us. Gazebo Pergola ensures:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • 0% APR Financing
  • 2-3 Week Delivery

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Additional Shed Options

Ramps – 4' Long Pressure Treated
For 35" Single Door  
For 41" Double Door  
For 55" Double Door  
For 60" Double Door or 5' Roll-Up Door  
For 70" Double Door  
For 84" Roll-Up Door  
For 96" Delmar Overhead Door  
Additional Wall Height– Pine (Per Linear Foot)  
Additional Wall Height – Vinyl & Cedar (Per Lin Ft)  
Partition Wall (Per Linear Foot)  
3/8” to ½” Wall Plywood (Per Linear Foot)  
Loft (Per Foot)  
Aluminum Windows
Additional 21"x27" Window w/ Shutters  
Additional 30"x36" Window w/ Shutters  
Change Std. Window to 30x36” w/ Shutters  
Additional 36”x54” Larger Window No Shutters  
Change Std. Window to 36”x54” No Shutters  
Trim Package for 21”x27” Windows  
Trim Package for 30"x36" Windows  
24” Standard Vinyl Window Box  
30” Large Vinyl Window Box  
35" Transom Window  
60" Transom Window  
70" Transom Window  
96" Transom Window  
Wood Windows
Additional 21"x27" Std. Window W/ Shutters  
Change Std. Window to 21”x27” Aluminum  
Additional 21”x27” Aluminum Window  
24” Pine Window Box  
24” Cedar Window Box  
Architectural Roof Shingles (Per Sq Ft)  
21” Vinyl Cupola  
25” Vinyl Cupola  
21” Wood Cupola  
25” Wood Cupola  
Credit Shingles (Per Sq Ft)  
½” to 5/8” Roof Plywood (Per Sq Ft)  
PT 5/8” Plywood Flooring (Per Sq Ft)  
PT ¾” Plywood Flooring (Per Sq Ft)  
2x6 PT Floor Joists 12” On Center (Per Sq Ft)  
2x6 PT Floor Joists 8” On Center (Per Sq Ft)  
No Floor Credit (Per Sq Ft)  
Double Layer 5/8” Floor Plywood (Per Sq Ft)  
Double Layer 5/8” Floor Plywood (Per Sq Ft)  
Fiberglass Doors
Additional 35" Fiberglass Door  
Additional 60" Double Fiberglass Door  
Additional 70" Double Fiberglass Door  
Change 35" Fiberglass Door to 60"  
Change 60" Fiberglass Door to 70"  
Increase Fiberglass Door Height 72” to 79” (Per Door)  
Change 35” Single Panel Fiberglass Door to 79” 9Lite  
Additional 5' Steel Roll-up Door  
Additional 7' Steel Roll-up Door  
French Doors  
Wood Doors
Additional 41" Double Door  
Additional 55" Double Door  
Change 41" to 55" Double Door  
Additional 65" Double Door  
Change 41" to 65" Double Door  
Change 41" to 60" Steel Double Door  
Wood Dutch Door  

Shed Color Options

Vinyl Color Options
Glacier White
Antique Parchment
Natural Linen
Platinum Gray
Silver Moss
Coastal Sage
Cape Cod Gray
Mystic Blue
Adobe Cream
Colonial Ivory
Monterey Sand
Vintage Wicker
Tuscan Clay

Colors will vary based on users screen settings. We recommend you make final color selections using actual vinyl samples

Shutter Color Options
Weather Wood
Dark Brown
Paintable Image unavailable

Shingle Options

3-Tab Shingles - No additional costs
Earthtone Cedar Dual Grey
Dual Black Dual Brown
Harvard Slate Weatherwood
Charcoal Grey Driftwood
Architectural Shingles - Additional $/Bundle
Dual Black Earthtone Cedar
Dual Grey Harvard Slate
Charcoal Grey Weatherwood
Driftwood Dual Brown

Shed Shelving Options

Shelves for Back Walls
Back Wall Size Shelf Size # of Brackets Price
8' 7' 3  
10' 9' 4  
12' 11' 5*  
14' 13' 6*  
16' 15' 6  
18' 17' 7  
20' 19' 8*  
* Two in Middle
Shelves for Side Walls
Side Wall Size Shelf Size # of Brackets Price
8' 87 ½" 6  
10' 111 ½" 8  
12' 135 ½" 9  
14' 159 ½" 11  
16' 183 ½" 12  
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