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We deliver and assemble our sheds and gazebos on site to all of New England, in many cases at no additional charge. To confirm your order qualifies for free delivery, please contact us. Gazebo Pergola ensures:

  • Lifetime Limited Warranty
  • 0% APR Financing
  • 2-3 Week Delivery

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Q. Does the price shown include delivery and assembly?

A. Yes. Our gazebos arrive in kit form from the Amish. Our professional installers build the gazebo in a few hours time, right on your property!

Q. Will I need a permit?

A. Typically, yes. It's your responsibility to know your city codes and property limitations prior to purchasing a gazebo.

Q. Are there any legal restrictions or limitations on owning a gazebo?

A. If you're part of a homeowner's association, we suggest contacting your association to ensure that a gazebo is allowed on your property. We also suggest showing your local building department your property survey and the planned location of the gazebo. Your building department will be able to tell you where the gazebo is allowed to be set and what height and size requirements (if any) need to be followed.

Q. What kind of wood is used?

A. The pine lumber used in the construction of our Select Style gazebos is a treated # 1 southern yellow pine that is kiln dried both before and after treatment. Kiln drying virtually eliminates the chances of the lumber splitting or twisting. To further protect your investment, the 4" x 4" support posts (which have a tendency to split if used as a single piece) are actually a combination of two 2" x 4"s and a 1" x 4", similar to a laminate beam. This process ensures that there will be no unsightly cracks or splinters running up the main supports of the gazebo.

Q. How soon after ordering will my gazebo arrive?

A. Typically, your gazebo will arrive within four weeks of placing your order. The exact delivery time may vary, however, based on what time of year you order your gazebo.

Q. I found an identical gazebo elsewhere online for a lower price. Can you match it?

A. Very often, yes – and in many cases, we can even beat it. If you find a lower-priced gazebo elsewhere online that you believe is identical to a model that we offer, please contact us. We will let you know if the models are in fact identical, and in most cases, we'll offer you the same model at an equal or lower price.

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