The Merrimac Valley Group, a family business, traces its roots in the Merrimac Valley back 500 generations to the first Native settlers. In the mid-seventeenth century, the Hoyt brothers established settlements along the Meri Mac River in what are now the towns of Amesbury and Haverhill. At the same time, Paugus, grandson of Passaconnaway, the last great sachem of the Pennacook Confederation, settled in the region of Lake Winnepesaukee, conducting guerrila warfare against the English Crown.

Today, the descendants of the Hoyt and Paugus clans, and their extended family members, comprise the members of the Merrimac Valley Group.

Mission Statement

The Merrimac Valley Group is committed to the preservation and enrichment of the environmental and cultural resources of its home valley. With a watchful eye on commercial enterprises and public policies of our region, we are vigilant in our oversight and conduct. To this end, The Merrimac Valley group has launched commercial and artistic ventures, reflecting the values and traditions of our ancestors. Our current enterprise, a nutraceutical soup company start-up , has the cross purpose of providing a medicinal food for the marketplace and a capital vehicle for the restoration of Native Villages along the Merrimac River in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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