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At Great International we understand that travel related expenses rank among the top controllable costs for most companies. Travel management requires expertise, client focused technology and dynamic solutions for the complexities of today’s environment. We provide a comprehensive approach to managing our clients’ travel and entertainment expenditures with the following great services:

Corporate Travel Analysis and Cost Savings Recommendations

We analyze and monitor travel patterns to identify trends, policy compliance, and potential cost savings initiatives.

Vendor Negotiations

Following our analysis of travel patterns including car and hotel activity, we approach vendors on behalf of our corporate clients to request appropriate programs and other related perks to encourage company-wide adoption.

Travel Policy Assistance and Implementation

Based on our clients' needs and objectives in establishing travel guidelines, we will assist in the design and/or revision of a travel policy, conduct traveler seminars, and work closely with management to achieve maximum cost-savings benefits.

Account Management

Great International Account Management is at the heart of our client relationships. Dedicated to assist clients to monitor their travel program to achieve the most advantageous results, the Account Management team provides: travel activity analysis, measurement objectives, account implementation, orientation seminars, vendor negotiations, benchmarking, monthly and quarterly reviews, and travel policy development and revision assistance.

Vendor Discount Programs

In addition to company-specific vendor programs, Great International offers discounts at many of the world's top hotel chains, properties and car companies. We also offer savings with our preferred airlines from which all of our clients benefit. We will negotiate with any airline, hotel property and car rental company of our client's choice.

Meetings and Incentives

Our experienced staff will help to determine the most appropriate venue to accommodate meetings and conferences in addition to the best options for transportation to and from your destination. Meeting services include: Pre-Meeting Activities, On-Site Meeting Assistance, and Post-Meeting reconciliation and feedback surveys. (Click here to request assistance in planning a meeting-link.)


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