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Letter from the President


Welcome to the website of Great International!

Having started my business in 1978, I quickly learned what great service meant and only great people could deliver that great service. I made it my goal to establish a reputation based on delivering the highest level of service possible, and to build a company of great people in the process. Benefiting from a loyal following and many referrals, my business has grown continuously. I now have four offices, several remote locations and a highly experienced and committed staff of great travel professionals, many who have been with me for over a decade.

The travel industry has endured incredible challenges and changes that have had a dramatic affect on those who travel and those who manage travel. Great International faces these challenges daily and continually looks for new and improved methods of processing change to benefit our clients. Our goals are to: anticipate the needs of our clients as they face these industry changes; provide the tools they need to maintain cost savings, and offer the highest level of service in the process.

Great International recognizes that a policy or procedure cannot deliver personal service. Personal service is an attitude defined by the relationship between our company and the client company and the relationship between our travel counselor and the traveler. Since travel is very personal, whether for business or leisure, it has, and always will be, our standard to develop this relationship first. We will not sacrifice our commitment to these relationships or to quality service in the pursuit of growth.

If you haven't already experienced the Great International difference, I suggest that you call! If you are one of our valued customers, I want to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate your business and your support!


Carole B. Swartz
President & CEO


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