Cambridgeport Bank Personal Internet Banking Application
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Name of Account Owner
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 No, I do not wish to utilize the Bill Payment feature

 Accounts I would like to view activity over the Internet and have Internet Banking transfer capability:
(Transfers cannot be made from a passbook or Certificate of Deposit accounts):

(Bill Pay Checking )

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By submitting this application to Cambridgeport Bank, I understand that I am applying for the services selected above. I agree that my use of these services will be subject to and governed by Cambridgeport Bank's Truth-in-Savings Disclosure, including the Electronic Fund Transfers section thereof, and Internet Banking Services Agreement, Terms and Conditions and Disclosures, as they may be amended from time to time, copies of which have been provided to me.

By signing below, I authorize the Bank to debit my accounts in accordance with any instructions that I may give to the Bank using any of the services selected above. I understand and agree that the Bank shall not be obligated to process any transaction using any of these services if the Bank is unable to verify the identity of the person initiating the transaction, or if there is a telecommunications error or malfunction or other system outage.

*I/we understand that I/we are the only individual(s) authorized to use the Internet Banking services requested above and that use of any transactions signifies my/our agreement to the terms and conditions set forth in the and Internet Banking Services Agreement, Terms and Conditions and Disclosures and Electronic Fund Transfers section of the Truth-in-Savings Disclosure.

I authorize the Bank to request and obtain, from time to time, consumer reports from consumer reporting agencies and/or other information about me from their parties to determine my eligibility for the services selected above.

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(For joint account, all account holders must sign)

Please complete and return the application to your local Branch office or mail to:
Cambridgeport Bank
Attn Internet Banking
1380 Soldiers Field Road
Brighton, Ma 02135