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Aspen Aerogels products are ideally suited for applications that require the ultimate in thermal and acoustical insulation performance.

Using patented technology, Spaceloft and Pyrogel materials combine a silica aerogel with reinforcing fibers to deliver proven thermal performance in the most efficient insulation available.

Reach Further and Deeper With Cost Saving Aerogel Insulations

Spaceloft™ AR5103 aerogel insulation enables the construction of smaller, lighter and more cost effective flow and transfer lines.

Aerogel insulations help Light Vehicle Manufacturers run Hotter and Harder

As light vehicle manufacturers strive to deliver the power, acceleration and cabin space that customers thrive, without significantly increasing the size of the engine or drive train, engine temperatures have continued to climb, raising the requirements for under hood, under carriage and cabin heat shielding and thermal management.

Aerospace applications perhaps represent the harshest and most critical service environment known to man.

Materials and components must perform repeatedly and reliably in a consistent and predictable manner over a broad range of temperature, pressure, mechanical and other environmental factors.

Decrease Total Costs, CUI and Improve Thermal Efficiency

Hydrocarbon Processing is perhaps the single most energy intensive industrial process that we rely upon to power the modern world. For just petroleum refining alone, never mind chemical processing, it takes about 6000 Trillion BTUs of energy to convert crude oil into gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel and other fuel oils that drive the world’s developed economies over the course of a year.





October 6, 2004: Technip Selects Aspen Aerogels AR5103 For Eni K2 Pipeline

September 17, 2004: Aspen Aerogels Receives Title III funding to build high technology manufacturing facility in Rhode Island

July 22, 2004: 2004 Annual Shareholder Meeting Held at New Corporate Facility

July 22, 2004: Aspen Aerogels Receives $750,000 from the Air Force to Develop Specialized Aerogel Materials to Protect Aircraft Structures from High Temperature Jet Engine Exhaust

July 22, 2004: Navy Awards Aspen Aerogels $450,000 Phase II SBIR Contract to Develop Nanoporous Aerogel Blanket for Multi-functional Asset Protection

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